Let us help you get organized.  Our specialty is combination Wire/Melamine Laminate systems.  We'll help you clean up the clutter &  simplify your life by designing & installing a storage system that's just right for you--at an affordable price. 

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(Above, a closet featuring both wire and laminate materials.)

    Maximizing storage space in your closets, pantry and garage is our specialty.  In fact, it's our only business.  We serve the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area (Twin Cities) with our expert design and careful installation of quality storage materials (both laminate and ventilated wire). We recognize that most home and commercial storage areas are highly inefficient wasting 50-75% of available space. 

    We can usually double closet storage capacity and improve almost any storage area you may have.  Most builders don't have the time or expertise to help you maximize your storage areas, consequently, you'll usually find the trademark "pole & plank" arrangement in most closets. This doesn't have to be. The better you plan your storage areas, the less clutter you'll have and the more room you'll have for other furniture and moving around.     

    Successful storage goes hand-in-hand with good organization. Organized storage means being able to see, access and easily retrieve stored items wherever they may be and whenever you need them. This is why you need to think as much about organization and efficiency as well as capacity when planning your storage. The time spent planning your storage will pay big dividends. 

    Typical wasteful arrangements consist of

    Clearly, there's a better way and you're at the right place to get started.  First take a quick tour of our website, look at the pictures, read the tips. When you're ready contact us and our experts will help determine the best use of your existing space--reducing waste and inefficiency.  * see footnote

        We'll take into consideration what you have, how and where you like to store it, traffic patterns and visual appeal. Our work is tailored to suit your needs not someone else's ease and convenience. We feature a wide variety of products and materials in all price ranges to help solve your storage problems. 

    All of our installations are done by professionals. Our materials and workmanship are fully guaranteed.  If you ever have a problem we're nearby and can fix it quickly.  We're committed to solving your storage problems and helping you become better organized.  Now that's something you surely won't regret!

* Our target market (customer) is the average homeowner who wants to maximize use of existing closet space (either in a new home or remodel of existing) at an affordable price.  We believe wire shelving has a significant role to play in your configurations.  Because we install it right, it's not going to fall down.

We don't feature "ultra-fancy upscale" closet designs with lighted drawers & hang rods, multitudes of colors, unending choices of hardware, Murphy beds, electric fireplaces, etc.  These can be found elsewhere but be prepared for sticker shock ... minimum $2000 (vs $500 wire),  $5000 for an average master closet or $50,000 for the whole house.  (Source:  StarTribune 1/30/17, Ewoldt)

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