Closet Prices   

    We'd like to help anyone who wants to improve their closet & storage efficiency.  Price shouldn't be a barrier. Our target customer is someone who wants to be better organized but doesn't to pay the exorbitant prices for an "ultra-fancy" closet, such as at California Closets.   We have many options in 3 broad price categories--Good, Better & Best.  The options are endless but your budget is the starting point for determining what will work best for you.  If possible, we may even be able to re-use your existing material for additional savings.  Also, please consider how we compare to other local closet companies.

 Our General Price Categories

  1. GOOD  ($75-150) *
  1. BETTER ($175-450) *
  1. BEST ($500-775) *

* Pricing based on one 8’ “Reach-In” closet using Closet Maid wire shelving & proprietary (wall-hanging) 14 x  ¾” melamine laminate.  All material & installation labor included.

Comparisons with Other Companies

    In an independent, home-owner survey conducted in March 2005 a dozen Twin City closet installation companies were contacted for a quote on a very common 8' wide reach-in closet. Two did not return calls or submit a quote.  This closet was to have a center tower with drawers and shelves.  On each side would be either long or double short hanging.  Some companies only quoted an average price per lineal foot, others didn't quote exactly what was requested.  So although, it was impossible to exactly compare apples-to-apples and oranges-to-oranges, the results are as follows:

California Closets             $1400
Storganize               850-1700
Closet Classics of MN               1000
Closet Factory               1000
Saratoga Closets                980
Kambium                850
Deans                698
Storage Solutions                675 (all laminate)
Creative Home Solutions                    665
Personal Closets                638
Storage Solutions                475 (combo)
No Response: Home Options, Closets Plus  

     In a much older version, the following price comparisons appeared in the Variety Section of the Star Tribune November 1, 2001 (Excerpts from "A place for everything" by John Ewoldt):  'We sought bids from 6 local [Twin City] closet design firms on a shallow entryway closet and a guest bedroom closet.  Both are about 6' long.  All material is 3/4" laminate.'

    The Results:

California Closets             $1522
Storganize               1190
Closets to Cabinets               1174
Closet Factory               1095
Saratoga Closet Outlet                951
Closets Plus                913
Storage Solutions                865

    Here's how Storage Solutions compares on the same two closets :

     So you can see, we're among the lowest priced in the Twin City market. We may not always be the rock-bottom cheapest but we are always willing to work with each customer for a storage system which meets their needs and fits into their budget. Incidentally, we don't have minimum job sizes as some of the others do.

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