Walk-In Closets

    Walk-In Closets are small rooms (sometimes not so small) which you can enter.  Sometimes larger ones become dressing rooms with mirrors, sinks, ironing boards and other amenities.  Walk-Ins are most commonly found in master bedroom suits often in conjunction with bathrooms and sitting rooms.  Pantries and mudrooms are other potential walk-in locations.  If you are fortunate enough to have a walk-in, take full advantage of all the potential.

   It's sad but true, many wonderfully large walk-ins are still outfitted with (you guessed it) the builders favorite "pole & plank" arrangement.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why such little attention is paid to this important space.  If used properly, it will allow for much more space within the bedroom itself making dressers and other clothing storage units are unnecessary. 

    Everything can be located out of sight in the well appointed walk-in closet. With storage neatly tucked away the rest of the room can be used for entertainment equipment, larger bed, tables, chairs, etc.


    Follow the same ideas as in the "Reach-In Closet" for taking a clothing inventory and determining space requirements for all your various items.  You will now have a larger depth dimension to take into consideration so the options multiply.

   One of the best things about walk-in closets is that they can easily accommodate basket and drawer towers.  There is now enough room to pull out  drawers and baskets for their optimal use.  We also have drawers designed specifically for jewelry with small compartments.

   Shelves, especially for shoes, jeans, sweaters, sweat shirts can be easily designed and installed.  Shelf widths and depths can be tailored to fit your garments.  Be sure to consider space for belts, ties, scarves and other

accessories.  We have a number of pull out racks which work very well for these items.  A robe hook or hook-strip is also a nice addition to any walk-in closet for those items you really don't want to hang up after each use.