Time to start over.  Time to Storganize.

   It seems like everyone is making resolutions this time of the year.  Most aren't kept for more than a few weeks, days or even hours.  When is the last time you resolved to lose some weight?  Well, getting organized (or re-organized) is well worth the effort and will pay big dividends throughout the whole year.  Once you've done the up-front work all it requires is maintenance.

   The first step is to do inventory your stuff and have some big garbage bags handy for the thrift store, of course.  As you go through clothing, ask yourself  "when was the last time I wore this?  how likely is it that I will ever wear it again?"  At this point It's good to be ready to try on questionable garments.   That's really the best  way to know if you want it anymore.

   It's hard to get rid of things that have sentimental value like an old shirt you never wear but  was given to you by a loved one.  Put stuff like this in a "questionable" pile.  Deal with that later.  Try not to get bogged down or distracted.  Proceed forward, you may have to be ruthless in discarding unused stuff. 

   After you've completed your inventory it's time to evaluate your existing storage space.  Typically most closets come outfitted with a single "pole & plank" situated at medium height.  It's just low enough so that long dresses drag on the floor and so high that 2-3 feet of space is wasted beneath your short hanging shirts or blouses.  Unless you want to start tearing out existing shelves, this is where we can help by situating the rods at proper heights for the correct distances. 

   There are many other items to consider for your clothes closet storage scheme. Sweaters and sweat shirts are best folded or placed in drawers or baskets.  Shoes also need to have their own location.  Lots of shoes hang around way too long.   Many of them, like platform shoes, seem to come back into style if you keep them long enough.  Not too many people have enough room for this luxury.  Measure your shoes by lining them up on the floor to see how many running feet of storage space is required.  We have several excellent solutions for shoe storage. 

    How about all those accessories, like ties, belts, scarves, jewelry?  Do you have a good place for them? A place where you can easily find them and where they're protected?  Again, lots of these can be weeded out.  We have racks made specifically for belts, scarves and ties.  We also have jewelry drawers with cavities for items like watches, necklaces, rings, etc.  

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