We've compiled some tips that will be helpful throughout the year for storing and organizing almost anything in almost any room or area.  We'd be delighted to hear your comments.

  1. JANUARY  Make re-organizing your home or office one of your top priority resolutions.  We can help with all sorts of ideas, plans and expertly installing the actual materials.
  2. FEBRUARY  We'll consider the most common closets found in your home--reach-in closets.  You'll find these everywhere--entryways, bedrooms, pantry, linen.  We can greatly improve even these simple boxes.
  3. MARCH  This month we'll consider Walk-In closets.  With all this space available why not let your imagination run wild.  Make the bedroom seem larger by using these to the max.
  4. APRIL  The ritual of Spring Cleaning will be our topic this month. Ready, set, CLEAN!
  5. MAY  We'll consider a potpourri of storage areas this month: laundry, linen, entryway, mudroom.
  6. JUNE  Bathroom
  7. JULY  Workshop/Hobby Room
  8. AUGUST  Commercial Applications
  9. SEPTEMBER  Office and Back-to-School considerations
  10. OCTOBER  Garage
  11. NOVEMBER  Pantry
  12. DECEMBER  Kitchen