Anywhere you have things to store, it's worth considering the best way to store them. Even your laundry-room, entryways and linen closets can be improved for peak efficiency.   If you store things more efficiently you will have more space to use in non-storage areas--making your home seem larger.  Be creative, nearly any room or area can benefit from more and better storage. 

    Pictured are some areas in your home which you typically don't think of as storage locations.  But as you can see, almost anywhere you have a collection of items storage can be improved.  Cubbies are great for shoes or other small items.  Correctly spaced and sized shelves can accommodate almost anything for clear viewing and easy access.

    Properly planned entryways or mudrooms help make a smoother transition from indoors to outdoors and limit the amount of dirt and grime spread throughout the house.  Garages benefit immensely when special racks are in place to harbor bicycles, in-line skates, gardening tools and many other items you don't want inside. Look around, you'll find many ways to improve your storage. Laundry, mudroom & linen closet are pictured (L-R).